SCUF Confirms PlayStation 5 Controller is Coming Holiday 2021

SCUF has confirmed that its PlayStation 5 controller will be launching Holiday 2021 after being delayed from its intended summer release.

On Twitter, SCUF gave a status update on its awaited PlayStation 5 controller. Initially, the PS5 SCUF pro model of the DualSense was to release sometime during the summer. Now, SCUF announced that “It’s happening.” in a tweet. In a message to fans and supporters, SCUF explained that the company was hit with supply chain hurdles that have affected the gaming and tech market throughout the pandemic. As such, the launch of the PS5 SCUF controller was pushed back.

Although SCUF did not give a specific date on when we can expect to hear more, a window of mid-November was given. The company concluded by saying “Stay tuned for more information next month on how you can get your hands on the latest next gen SCUF for PS5.”

There isn’t too much known about the PS5 SCUF controller. However, you can glean some details from the released image included in the tweet. SCUF appears to be maintaining the overall design of Sony’s DualSense, which is to be expected. Back paddles, which are typically utilized in more competitive games like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Battlefield, can be seen on the rear side of the controller. Back paddles also open up customization and button remapping options for players in and out of a competitive setting.

Recently, SCUF released the SCUF Instinct Pro controller for Xbox Series X/S, launching with “pro” features such as back paddles, trigger tension options, and on-controller mute options.