Sealed 2007 Original iPhone Sells for Record $53,978 CAD at Auction

Image: LCG Auctions

Last week we told you about an original 2007 iPhone in a sealed box for sale from New Orleans-based LCG Auctions, which was expected to break new price records for the Apple creation.

On Monday, LCG Auctions said the rare 2007 iPhone sold for a record price of $39,340 USD ($53,978 CAD) on Sunday at their Fall ’22 Premier Auction, surpassing the previous record by $5,000 USD.

“We expected the bidding for this item to be fervent and it did not disappoint as a handful of avid and sophisticated collectors drove the price from just over $10,000 on Sunday afternoon to this record-setting amount by Sunday night,” said Mark Montero, Founder of LCG Auctions, in a statement to iPhone in Canada. “We congratulate the winners, our consignors and all of the bidders for making this one of the most active auctions in our history.”

The original iPhone launched for sale on June 29, 2007, for $599 USD and included a paltry 8GB of storage and 2MP camera, but a game-changing desktop-class web browser, unlike the “baby internet” being offered by dumb smartphones at the time, according to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs at the time.

Some other notable auction items that ended on Sunday, with all prices in U.S. dollars:

  • 1978 Star Wars Luke Skywalker Action Figure with Double Telescoping Lightsaber AFA 85 ($33,359)
  • 1987 G.I. Joe Defiant Playset CAS 80 ($32,513)
  • 1982 Masters of the Universe He-Man Action Figure AFA 80 ($32,513)
  • 1985 Transformers Jetfire AFA 90 ($18,353)
  • 1980 Star Wars Boba Fett Action Figure AFA 85 ($18,353)
  • 1982 G.I. Joe Destro Action Figure (First Release) 20-Back AFA 85-85-85 ($15,168)

See, you should have listened to your mom and taken care of your G.I. Joes…