SFPD Launches Internal Investigation Into Lost ‘iPhone 5’ Search

Last week the SFPD finally admitted (they named their press release iphone5.doc) they assisted Apple in their search of a lost iPhone prototype. Plainclothes officers escorted Apple investigators to a man’s home, where it was subsequently searched, with the officers waiting idle outside.

Now, according to CNET, the SFPD has started a formal internal investigation to uncover what officers did to assist Apple. The prototype was lost at Cava 22, a restaurant where Sergio Calderon had attended the eventing the phone was lost. Apple electronically tracked the phone back to his home. As for specifics of the search:

A source close to the investigation said police asked to search the house and told Calderon that if he declined they would return with a search warrant. Calderon then consented to the search.

The SFPD officers allowed Apple investigators to search Jose Calderon’s home, vehicle and computer. He is now ‘talking to an attorney’ and did not comment further on the matter. I’m curious as to why police would allow Apple to search a man’s home, and not conduct it themselves instead. More details to come!