Shazam Gets New Look, Notification Features, Web App

Shazam for iPhone and iPad was updated in the App Store this morning with several new features.

Shazam has today received a new update that brings a new look as well as a number of improvements including the way it syncs with Apple Music and Spotify.

Trending charts that highlight global trends in Shazam are now available in Search. Trending lists are available for specific countries and cities around the world. The music-identification app also brings an updated interface. Also new in Shazam 14.2 for iOS: The ability to receive notifications for any missed or offline Shazams.

The web app can be accessed by pointing your web browser at Currently in beta, the web app lets you identify music from a browser, access charts and more. The website is compatible with Safari, Chrome and Firefox on macOS and Chrome OS desktops.

The Apple-owned company breaks it down:

Shazam has a new look!

  • Swipe up on home to access your past Shazams.
  • Get notified when we find your missed or offline Shazams.
  • See what’s trending with Charts. Now available in Search.

On top of that, Shazam now includes improvements to Apple Music and Spotify syncing, with both now syncing more of a user’s past Shazams than before.

For Apple Music:

  • We’ll now sync more of your past Shazams.
  • If you delete a song in Apple Music, it won’t be added back again.

For Spotify:

  • We’ll now find and sync more of your new Shazams.
  • If you lose connection, we’ll try to sync again on your next Shazam.

The updated Shazam can now be downloaded from the App Store. It’s free for all.