The Simpsons Takes a Hilarious Jab at Apple’s Siri [VIDEO]

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How often do you use Siri? When you do, how often does Siri actually get what you’re saying? Siri works for us most of the time but tends to fail when you really need her (or him) the most, such as using the feature in front of friends and family.

On the third episode of season 25 on The Simpsons, titled “Four Regrettings and a Funeral”, Siri takes a beating when asked to find a nearby “hos-petal” (video below):

The Simpsons has previously taken jabs at Apple, such as poking fun at “The Mapple Store”, “Steve Mobs” and “Lisa’s MyBill”.

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  • Chrome262

    LOL. Its funny she always works when me and my wife are joking around, she use to screw up when I was actually looking for something, but not she seems better some how. Although she doesn’t do the “get rid of a body” thing anymore, she just says “what again”

  • Siri is on and off for me. Works I’d say about 75% of the time. She is getting more attitude!

  • Chrome262

    I know right, I said ” you suck Siri” her replay; “well I try” whats with that? lol