SkipTheDishes Pledges Over $15 Million To Help Canadians During COVID-19 Crisis

Canada’s largest food delivery service SkipTheDishes has committed to a total of over $15 million to help those in need during the COVID-19 crisis, by giving back to the communities and restaurant partners across the country through a variety of commitments.


SkipTheDishes initially launched a 30-day support package for restaurants on its network that has already directed more than $5 million back to its partners across the country. Now, the delivery app has pledged an additional $10 million to local restaurants on its network.

Furthermore, it has also donated $1 million to Food Banks Canada, the leading national food bank network working to relieve hunger during this critical time.

“We’re beginning to see a surge in demand across Canada at local food banks as many more people have recently fallen on hard times. This partnership with SkipTheDishes will help us restock empty shelves at food banks across the country and ensure food banks have the support needed to feed those in critical need,” says Chris Hatch, Chief Executive Officer of Food Banks Canada.

SkipTheDishes also introduced the option for customers to support local restaurants by directly leaving them a tip and in just a few weeks, customers have raised over $200,000 to help neighbourhood eateries stay in business.