SpaceX Releases ‘Starlink Aviation’ Satellite Internet for Airplanes

SpaceX has just announced the launch of its new ‘Starlink Aviation’ satellite internet service for airplanes, promising to provide access to streaming, video calls, gaming, and more at any altitude, Tesla North is reporting.

Starlink aviation

“Starlink can deliver up to 350 Mbps to each plane, enabling all passengers to access streaming-capable internet at the same time,” notes the company on its website.

“High-speed, low-latency, in-flight internet with connectivity across the globe. Reserve now with deliveries starting in 2023,” adds SpaceX.

“With latency as low as 20 ms, passengers can engage in activities previously not functional in flight, including video calls, online gaming, virtual private networks, and other high data rate activities,” according to SpaceX.

The Elon Musk-owned satellite internet service further says that “as the world’s largest satellite constellation with coverage over land, the oceans, and polar regions, Starlink is positioned to connect passengers wherever your flight routes evolve.”

The Starlink Aviation Kit includes an Aero Terminal, power supply, 2 wireless access points, and harnesses.

There are no long-term contracts and all plans include unlimited data. Your hardware is under warranty for as long as you subscribe to the service, notes SpaceX.

Musk says Starlink within airplanes “will feel same as if you were accessing internet at home!”.

Starlink Aviation reservations require a $5000 credit card deposit, with deliveries to start in mid-2023. The hardware costs $150,000 USD and available service is aircraft-dependent.