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Spotify’s Premium Family Plan to Add Customizable Explicit Content Filters

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Spotify today announced that it is updating its Family Plans to allow parents greater control over what music and podcasts their kids can access.

According to a new press release, the Swedish music streaming giant is launching an Explicit Content Filter that allows Family Plan admins to filter out songs with swearing, drugs, violence, and more on a per-user basis. The feature is beginning today in Ireland, and will roll out to the rest of the world “soon.”

The primary Spotify Family Plan account holder will now have the ability to switch filters on or off on a per-sub account basis, meaning that while one account could be allowed to access explicit songs, while another might be blocked from hearing explicit content. One the feature is turned on, said sub-accounts won’t be able to turn off the filter without the account admin’s permission.

While Spotify has had an explicit content filter built in for a few years now, it was just a toggle the user could flip on and off for themselves — not something that parents could set on their kid’s accounts.

The streaming service is also launching a new playlist for families. The feature, called Family Mix, it’s a personalized playlist that’s updated regularly to include songs based on the entire family’s taste. Spotify tested a similar idea with its Duo Mix for couples.

Another new feature is the “Family Hub,” a central location for adding and removing family members, updating your home address, and managing parental controls for your various family members.

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