Steve Jobs Theater to Include Custom Rotating Elevators, Hidden Demo Room

According to Bloomberg, more details have been shared about the Steve Jobs Theater, where Apple will host its iPhone special event next week.

The theater, which takes up four stories underground, will have a couple custom rotating elevators, plus also a hidden demo room:

It also boasts two custom-made rotating elevators, which turn as they ascend and descend so that passengers enter and exit by the same door even as they go in and out from different directions. So far, so Apple—the more elegant single door, with its complex engineering, preferred to the more obvious double-door solution.

As for that demo room? It will be below the roof of the building, which resembles a floating saucer:

An inside wall, which obscures a hollow space below the floating saucer, will retract to reveal the product demonstration room, according to someone with knowledge of the design.

Journalists attending the event will take a staircase spiralling down along the walls to make their way into the 1,000-seat theater, whose seats are said to have cost Apple $14,000 each, meaning $14 million has been spent on leather seats alone.

Neil Cybart has been following closely the developments of the Steve Jobs Theater, believes the retracting wall can be seen along the dotted lines, as per drawings from the headquarters’ blueprints:

Earlier today, we saw drone footage showing the finished outside of the theater, while previous images have teased construction of the inside.

Stay tuned for the presentation set for September 12, which will be live streamed worldwide.