Superior Court Justice Allows Class-Action Lawsuit Against Bell to Proceed

Superior Court Justice Robert Castiglio has allowed a class-action lawsuit against Bell to proceed. The lawsuit was filed in Quebec over fee increases on television, internet, and phone services that the company provides to Canadians.

The plaintiff in the case, Joseph Frainetti, said that he was cheated by Bell Canada when they make changes to his contract without any prior notice. The only record of the change was on Frainetti’s next monthly bill.

Consumer protection laws in Canada state that all fare increases during a contract must be provided to clients at least 30 days before the changes take effect.

The lawsuit aims to recover the funds that Bell raised since the contract changes in 2012 and seeks $100 in damages for all members. The size of the class-action group is not known.

In his ruling, Justice Castiglio said that he agreed to hear the lawsuit because “the legal standard for authorization stage simply requires that the allegations could lead to the conclusion sought by plaintiffs.”

[via Montreal Gazette]