City of Surrey ‘Absolutely’ Still Issuing $500 CAD Tickets to Uber Drivers

Despite widespread backlash, a Surrey Councillor says that the Surrey government is still issuing Uber drivers tickets.

A new report from CityNews explains that Surrey Councillor Brenda Locke says that bylaw officers in the city are “absolutely” still giving Uber drivers $500 CAD fines for operating.

“They absolutely are. Hopefully the court injunction will tell them to stop,” she says. “Hopefully it will end then.”

The British Columbia Supreme Court will tomorrow decide whether to issue and order requiring the city to end its ticketing spree. Locke says that the city lacks adequate transit options and that penalizing ride-hailing drivers is a waste of city resources.

“I think the ticketing is absolutely harsh and I don’t know why we’re doing it in Surrey,” Locke says. “I don’t think it’s necessary.”

If the court doesn’t stop the ticketing, Locke hopes that the council can put an end to the fines at their meeting next week.

“Then the City of Surrey can get on with things other than worrying about Uber,” she says. “It’s going to be coming anyway, it’s provincial, and the public in Surrey absolutely want it.”

Last week Michael van Hemmen, Uber’s head of Western Canada, revealed that Uber had filed for an injunction with the Supreme Court of British Columbia “to stop the City of Surrey from issuing illegal tickets.”

“The city’s actions are unfair to local residents who want to earn money and support their families,” he said. “It is also unfair to those who need a safe, affordable and reliable ride.”

The court is expected to hear arguments Wednesday, February 5.