Tesla Files Lawsuit Against Ontario Government Over Canceled Electric Vehicle Rebate Program


Tesla has filed a lawsuit against the Ontario government, alleging that it was the subject of “unjustified targeting” when the province canceled its electric vehicle rebate program.

The electric car manufacturer filed the lawsuit with the Ontario Superior Court on Thursday. Tesla said that the Ministry of Transportation excluded the electric car maker from its transition plan after it ended the rebate program. The government’s decision left hundreds of customers ineligible for the rebates they expected to receive when they initially pre-ordered their Tesla vehicles.

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford canceled the rebate program on July 11th, shortly after the government scrapped the cap-and-trade program that funded the incentives. The program initially offered rebates of up to $14,000 on eligible vehicles.

Tesla called the decision “unreasonable and unlawful” and said that “it has created the impression that Tesla Canada and its customers will not be treated equally under the law.”

[via Reuters]