Where to Buy MFi Certified USB-C to Lightning Cables? They’re Coming in 2019

As Apple shifts from Lighting to USB-C, we now are again hearing third-party Apple-certified cables are coming with MFi (Made for iPhone) specifications, for USB-C to Lightning.

Usb c to lightning

According to MacRumors, select accessory manufacturers are getting the opportunity to buy MFi spec hardware to create their own USB-C to Lightning cables:

Apple is selling the new Lightning connector to eligible hardware manufacturers for $2.88 per, and it is estimated to ship in six weeks, according to documentation shared with MacRumors by Hong Kong website ChargerLab.

The document reads, “New in R30: Lightning to USB-C charge sync cables with support for fast charging are now permitted using the Lightning (C94) connector.”

Mfi 2

What does this mean? Cheaper USB-C to Lightning cables will most likely arrive in early 2019, possibly from players such as Anker, Belkin, Aukey, AmazonBasics and more. Apple currently charges $25 CAD for a 1 metre USB-C to Lightning cable. A third-party MFi cable surely will be cheaper than Apple’s retail prices, as we’ve seen with the MFi Lightning cable market.

Back in early September, Japanese site Mac Otakara reported Apple had informed third-party companies about the upcoming change, and now it appears we’re getting closer to seeing these cables hit the market.

With more and more Apple devices using USB-C, such as the 2018 iPad Pro lineup, customers will definitely appreciate cheaper alternatives. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing USB-C for the iPhone, too.