Thoughts After Updating to Firmware 1.1.4

You’ve probably read my post about updating my iPhone firmware from 1.1.1 to 1.1.4. I’ve received a lot of emails and questions asked by readers regarding this update. I thought I’d take some time to reflect on how 1.1.4 has been since I upgraded.

Here are some random musings I’ve noticed:

  • The iPhone is responding MUCH faster than before; previously there would be lag when typing keystrokes at times
  • Battery life has been improved big time. Before my battery meter would go to about 50% by the time nightfall came. Now, my battery meter hardly even changes if I do not use the iPhone (EG, when the phone is on standby during work)
  • Increased stability: I no longer get random crashes with Safari…much better
  • 3rd party apps: I have flashlight, iSolitaire, MxTube, PocketGuitar, iPhysics, Compass, Drummer, and Summerboard installed with no problems. Screenshot does not work–doh! I loved that program.
  • I haven’t had any problems with “email” issues I’ve been emailed about. So far everything has worked. My theory is that by going the “restore” route instead of “update”, that has helped avoid any problems in the end.
  • iPhoneRingToneMaker is not supported on 1.1.4–I just forgot to check for updates, silly me!; however I will be posting later on how to put ringtones on your iPhone using iTunes 7.6 a bit later–stay tuned!
  • The time on my iPhone is not correct when the setting “Set Automatically” is turned ON. It does not take into account DST. So right now I just switched it to OFF and the time is correct. It could have to do with Rogers or my iPhone. We’ll never know!

When I was on 1.1.1, Summerboard would result in an unstable user experience when I was browsing with Safari. So far 1.1.4 has been rock solid with Summerboard installed. However, I have noticed that when I install certain SMB themes, they don’t appear in SMB–what gives?

Regarding the updating process, I did have my AT&T SIM card inside the iPhone at the time. However, this is not necessary as iPhone in Canada reader, Sarns, was able to complete the process without a SIM inserted. Once ZiPhone 2.5c had done its job, I just removed the AT&T SIM and popped back in my Rogers SIM. Hopes this clarifies the process for some of you.

I had a user email me to ask if the update was as easy as it looked in the video. The answer to that is YES! I documented every second it took, from the time I updated to the time I unlocked. So there is no question that if you are thinking about updating, the evidence is there. It’s up to what you feel comfortable with doing! Don’t want to mess around? Then don’t bother…leave your iPhone the way it is.

All in all, the upgrade definitely was worth it for me. I am glad that I finally updated. Cheers to everyone for their support! Thanks to Cam, Sandra, and Chris for the beer and lattes! 😉

Here is a sneak peek of what to expect in the coming week or so…

  • How to upload ringtones to your iPhone on 1.1.4 using iTunes 7.6
  • Tutorial on how to use SSH
  • iPhone accessory reviews: BodyGuardz, PDO iPhone cases

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