Uber Says Fares in Toronto Won’t Increase Once New Regulations Kick In

Last night Toronto City Council voted to approve new ridesharing regulations, which made services like UberX legal in the city.

In a statement sent out to customers today (via CTV Toronto), Uber Canada general manager Ian Black reassured users by saying “We deeply appreciate your support and look forward to our continued growth in Toronto,” adding “Everything you know and love about Uber, including prices, will stay the same.”

Black also thanked the city and its leaders for welcoming Uber, saying “We also commend City Staff and Toronto City Council for their leadership in modernizing our city’s transportation laws,”

Approximately 90,000 Uber supporters signed an online petition in Toronto to keep the service in the city, reveals Black, adding 10,000 people contacted their local city councillor to advocate on Uber’s behalf.

Uber Canada spokesperson Susie Heath said UberX trips start at $2.50, but minimum fares are $5, so new regulations won’t change prices. The only difference will be the added $0.30 per trip customers will pay, part of “city fee,” when new regulations come into effect.

Toronto Taxi Alliance spokesperson Sam Moini said he felt satisfied both taxis and UberX would have the same standard minimum fare, saying on Tuesday “I think it’s important that everyone follows the same rules,” noting “The $3.25 fee is standard for taxi drivers so it should be for Uber too.”