Uber May Not Operate Outside Metro Vancouver Due to Shortage of Qualified Drivers

As opposed to the standard Class 5 licence held by most motorists in the province, ride-hailing regulations set by the B.C. government will require Uber drivers operating in the province to have a Class 4 licence, similar to the ones held by taxi drivers.

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Therefore, Uber spokesperson Michael van Hemmen has today revealed that the ride-hailing company may not be able to launch its service outside of Metro Vancouver if it can’t get enough qualified drivers with a commercial licence, CBC News reports.

The spokesperson continued that the decision will also be based on policies finalized by the local government on issues like flexible pricing and boundaries. 

Van Hemmen further suggested that a pilot project should be considered by the province to see if Uber-trained drivers with Class 5 licences would be effective enough to satisfy the Passenger Transportation Board’s safety concerns.

Applications from ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft will be accepted as of Sept. 3 but van Hemmen says the onerous requirement to have a Class 4 license may mean the company will find it difficult to do business.


Van Hemmen said he is “cautiously optimistic” the province will clear the path for ride-hailing services to operate this year and, despite the stringent licensing requirements, Uber is getting prepared to launch.

Uber is currently operating in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta.