Uber Launching ‘UberBOAT’ Water Taxi Service in Muskoka This Weekend

If you’re heading to Muskoka this long weekend, you’ll be able to try out the launch of Uber’s new UberBOAT water taxi service, kicking tomorrow at 5PM local time.

We’re excited to announce that for all long weekends this summer, we’re trading in the hot city streets of Toronto for the cool blue lakes of Muskoka. Starting this May Long Weekend, you can cruise around Muskoka safely and in style with UberBOATs, powered by Summer Water Sports!

UberBOAT will cost $1/minute, with a minimum fare of $20. Each boat can take up to 5 passengers. Multiple stops are allowed and food and sealed alcohol is allowed on board. Rides after 9PM will require a life jacket and there is a $10 cancellation fee if you nix your request more than 10 after making a pickup request.

Hours and availability: 

  • Friday, May 16th: 5PM – 1AM
  • Saturday, May 17th & Sunday, May 18th: 11AM – 1AM

Service area:

Uber uberBOAT map 1

If you’re a new Uber user, the following promo code UberMuskoka can get $20 off your first ride.

Uber users will be able to request a boat pickup using the Uber iOS app to share their location. Once your request has been picked up, the driver will call you to get directions to your exact location.

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Uber also expects this weekend to be very busy with the launch of the service, so your patience will be put to the test. Let us know if you’re going to try this out!