Walmart Promo: Rogers, Koodo 2-Year Activations Get Extra $150 Gift Card Bonus

If you are looking to sign up on a two-year activation on either Rogers or Fido, head over to Walmart because there’s currently an additional $150 gift card bonus on select smartphones.

RFD user ‘NavieM’ has shared the Koodo gift card bonuses below, which also include the $150 bonus. Select iPhone models are eligible on subsidized Tab Small and Tab Medium, in particular older models such as the iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

Koodo’s tab plans offer financing for customers, with Small Tab offering $240, Medium $360, Large $480 and Extra Large at $720 off smartphones. Customers just repay balances over 24 months.

All phones are also $0 up front as well:

iPhone SE = $375 giftcard [tab medium]
iPhone 6 = $375 giftcard [tab medium]
iPhone 6 = $225 giftcard [tab small]
iPhone 6S = $150 giftcard [tab medium]
Samsung A5 = $150 giftcard [tab small]
Samsung A5 = $350 giftcard [tab medium]
Samsung A8 = $250 giftcard [tab medium]
LG Q6 = $250 giftcard [tab small]
LG G6 = $300 giftcard [tab large]
Google Pixel 2 XL = $150 giftcard [extra large tab]

All new activations and upgrades will require a $30 activation fee.

The last time we saw this gift card promo bonus at Walmart was back in late June, but that also included the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Again, if you require an older iPhone, it looks like Walmart is the place to activate. The promos last until Monday, August 6, 2018.