Waze Announces Brand Refresh with Redesigned Logo, Driver ‘Moods’ and More

Crowdsourced navigation app Waze has just announced a major brand revamp, including a redesigned logo, a fresh new colour scheme, updated reporting icons, and an all-new ‘Moods’ feature that enables drivers to share how they’re feeling using icons.

Waze revamp

“Celebrating the passion and authenticity of its users, Waze hopes that the update will harness the ‘humanness’ that can often be lost within inhumane traffic conditions,” wrote the company.


“With a new grid format based on our map, new Moods to capture the infinite array of emotions we all feel while driving and a lively colour palette that celebrates the joy that we always try to bring to the road.”

Waze colours

There are currently 30 Moods available with more to come, although it is unclear if these Moods will be shared with nearby Waze users as letting other drivers know how you feel doesn’t necessarily sound like a great idea.

Waze’s updated new design is being rolled out to users worldwide starting today.