Xbox Series X Price in Canada: $599 with Pre-Order Date Sept. 22


XboxSeriesXandS HERO

Microsoft announced the Xbox Series S yesterday, which has โ€œnext gen performance in the smallest Xbox everโ€, with pricing at $379.99 CAD.

Today, the company announced the Xbox Series X, its new flagship console, will cost $599.99 CAD in Canada, with the pre-order date set for September 22, along with a launch on November 10th, joining the Series S.

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The Xbox Series X costs $499 in the USA, which after conversion works out to $657 CAD, so the Canadian MSRP pricing of $599.99 is about $57 CAD cheaper, locally.

Xbox All Access also expands to 12 countries including Canada, which offers “a next generation Xbox and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate starting at $24.99 USD a month, with no upfront costs.โ€

The Canadian pricing for Xbox All Access has not been confirmed yet but the exchange works out to about $33 CAD. In Canada, Xbox All Access will be available at EB Games.