YouTube Hits 80 Million Music and Premium Subscribers

YouTube has now surpassed 80 million Music and Premium subscribers globally, marking a massive 30 million member increase from the previous year.


It is “a monumental moment for music on YouTube, our subscribers, and artists,” the company said in an official blog post. “We couldn’t have done it without you.’

Back in September, YouTube announced a $6B revenue contribution to the music industry, with 30% coming from user-generated content. The company has now shared how it reached over 80 million subscribers, given the 30 million member increase from last year.

YouTube Premium:

YouTube Premium is all of YouTube and YouTube Music, ad-free and available to play in the background or offline, on your mobile device or your TV.

“We’ve leveled it up even further with features like afterparties, which grant exclusive access to livestream content, plus access to discounts on the latest hardware and services from Google.”

Putting the fans FIRST:

The YouTube Music app is the home to over 100 million official songs, plus an expansive catalog of live performances, remixes, and more.

“YouTube Premium allows fans to immerse themselves in what they love. And when they love music, we help them go deep. We prompt them to download videos or enter long listening sessions on the YouTube Music app.”

Meaningful global partnerships:

Since the launch of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, Googol has partnered with companies like Samsung, SoftBank (Japan), Vodafone (Europe), and LG U+ (Korea).

“These partners were critical in helping us reach this 80 million subscriber milestone and will continue helping us enhance the music experience for fans around the world.”

Test. Learn. Repeat.

“We are 7 years into the subscription game, and we continue to learn as we go. Billions of music fans come to YouTube every month – the opportunity humbles us.”

YouTube Premium offers YouTube and YouTube Music apps without ads, while you also get background play and downloads.