be.ez LArobe Allure 13.3″ MacBook Sleeve Review

Last Fall, I switched over to Mac after using PC machines all my life. I guess you can say I caught the Apple bug after I bought the my first gen iPhone in the USA. Anyways, so far life with OSX has been quite pleasant and I’ve never looked back at ever using Windows XP ever again. I feel so left out that I didn’t get to experience Vista! 😉

Anyways, you’ve seen the MacBook invisibleSHIELD I installed on my laptop and today I’m going to show you the sleeve that I use. It’s the be.ez LArobe Allure 13.3″ MacBook sleeve and it has been doing a great job of protecting my MacBook when I’m on the go (and it looks pretty good too–Oh, don’t forget GelaSkins too!).

be.ez LArobe Allure Protects and Looks Pretty Nice Too

The LArobe Allure comes in a plastic package, which zips apart. The neoprene material is actually quite thick but still light enough so it doesn’t add weight but it can protect as well. Take a look at the image below where you can see my fingerprints still imbedded into the side. The zippered area is protected so it won’t scratch your MacBook too which is always good news.

Remember: It’s a Sleeve, Not an Armored Case

Since the LArobe Allure is light, it can protect your MacBook from everyday bumps. However, it’s not a hard case or anything so I wouldn’t trust dropping my laptop from a counter with it inside this case. Either way, it does the job if you are looking for quick trips to the coffee shop and want to carry along your MacBook.

It’s available from the USA Apple store for $34.95US, although the be.ez site lists Apple Canada as an official retailer as well. It wasn’t online but I’m sure you can try to find it in store. Check out the gallery below!