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iOS 5 Will Still Use Google Maps–For Now?

More iOS 5 speculation coming your way, this time it’s regarding the use of Google Maps. Apple’s acquisition of mapping companies Poly9 and Placebase surely would hint at Apple’s own mapping system coming our way right? Not so fast, according to 9to5Google. They are ‘claiming’ sources mention Apple will remain using Google Maps in iOS […]

Google Maps Now Works within Mobile Safari

Google has released an update to allow Mobile Safari to have the same Google Maps experience you would get from your desktop. All you have to do is visit in Mobile Safari, and you’ll be able to do the following: See your current location Search for what’s nearby with suggest and auto complete Have […]

Google Cloud Print Beta Launches: Print Gmail and Docs on the Go

Google just announced on their Google Mobile Blog the beta release of Google Cloud Print Beta. This feature will allow iOS users to print emails and mobile docs from their smartphone. Today we are very pleased to announce the beta launch of Google Cloud Print for mobile documents and Gmail for mobile, which we will […]

How to Track Santa on your iPhone with Google Maps and Boxcar

Christmas is arriving around the world as we speak. Santa is in full swing delivering iGifts to well-behaved children and adults. Want to track Santa on your iPhone? It’s easy and incredibly fun thanks to Google Maps and Boxcar. How to Track Santa on your iPhone With Google Maps: Type in “Santa” and click search. […]

Google To Release Its Free Navigation App For iPhone

Google has may have confirmed plans to deliver its free turn-by-turn navigation app to other smartphones, such as the iPhone. The navigation app is currently available for free to Android phones as an update to Google Maps, but the iPhone may soon get the application as well. Unfortunately, Google did not indicate when it will […]

Offline Trip Guide For iPhone/iPod Touch

Being able to use Maps offline is a huge benefit, as sometimes there is no network coverage or Internet available. Offline access to Maps also can save you considerable amounts when roaming. Offline Trip Guide by Chimp Studios Offline Trip Guide allows users to use their iPhone/iPod Touch maps offline. The maps are stored locally […]

Google Adds 130 Cities To Maps, Street View Updated

Today Google updated its Google Maps app, along with Street View, to include 130 more cities and towns across Canada. Among the update, Google has brought Street View to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The company modified a snowmobile with cameras to capture slope-level images of many areas on the Whistler Blackcomb mountains. Some of the […]

Track Santa Using Your iPhone With Google Maps

Since we all know that Santa is real but can never seem to catch him when he delivers presents, we now have our iPhones to track him! This year, smartphone owners that have Google Maps, like the iPhone, may now track Santa and his global journey using their mobile device. As NORAD is tracking Santa’s […]

Google Street View Adds 9 More Canadian Cities

There was a lot of excitement in Canada when the Google Street View car was spotted throughout the country. In early October, Google Street View finally hit the shores of Canada and went live. However, it was only limited to a select few Canadian cities. Now, it looks like other parts of Canada are ready […]

App Review: Where The Flock for iPhone

If you’ve ever had an experience where a friend does not answer their phone, texts, IM’s, emails, nothing, then the app “Where The Flock” may be for you. Where The Flock by byte IDEA Consulting Where The Flock (WTF) is an application that shows you the locations of your friends and family (your “Flock”) on […]

Google Street View Released In Canada

Back in August, Canadians were spotting the Google Street View car all over Canada. This was, of course, Google getting ready to release Street View in Canada. Well folks, it’s live! Just last week, Live Traffic was enabled in Google Maps and now Google Street View is live in Canada! Pegman is lit-up and ready […]

Google Street View Almost In Canada

Google Street View is an amazing feature of Google Maps that allows you to zoom into an intersection and move around in it from the Maps interface. The images you see on Google Street View are not live but they are real life images taken to provide a virtual tour of city streets. Well, as […]