iPhone 4

Fido Offering the iPhone 4 for $0 on a ‘TWO’ Year Term

Earlier today it was noted Rogers, TELUS and Bell had discounted the iPhone 4S to $0 on a three year contract (Fido has had the same offer for over a week now). But what’s interesting to note is Fido now also offers the older iPhone 4 for $0 on a two year term, which makes […]

How to Untether iOS 6.1 Redsn0w Jailbreak Using Evasi0n 6.x Untether

Those who have already had their A4 devices jailbroken using our Redsn0w tutorial, which was for a tethered jailbreak, can now migrate to a tethered jailbreak thanks for MuscleNerd’s Cydia package. The package is called Evasi0n 6.x Untether 0.1-1 and it is based on Planetbeing and Nikias’ exploits. This package will help you lose the […]

Telus Now Offering the iPhone 4 for $0 with a TWO Year Contract [u]

TELUS has started to offer the iPhone 4 for $0 on…get ready for it…a two year contract, instead of three. Available in both white or black, 8GB models are available for free on two year terms with a minimum spend of $50 per month. Rogers and Bell are still offering the iPhone 4 for $0 […]

Apple Wins Patents For iPhone 4’s Classy Design, MagSafe & More

PatentlyApple is reporting that Apple has been awarded six design patents today by the US Patent and Trademark Office, including iPhone 4’s classy design, the original iPhone 4 bumper, MagSafe, the iPad’s bottom metal housing and its magnetically hinged cover. Among today’s 6 design patents, the most important win for Apple is of course the iPhone 4’s design: Apple has been […]

DMCA Gives the Okay to Jailbreak Your Smartphone (But Not Your Tablet)

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was established to control access to copyrighted works by preventing individuals from circumventing digital rights management schemes; though the Librarian of Congress has the power to grand exemptions. After some concern expressed earlier this year, this power was exercised this week with the addition of a new batch of […]

How The iPhone 5 Fares Against Its Predecessors [VIDEO]

While benchmark tests were completed to show the true speed of the iPhone 5, how exactly does it rank up against all five previous iPhone models? Everything Apple Pro has created a video presenting a series of tests. Go ahead and watch it below: The first test completed was a power down test, where the […]

Apple Slashes iPhone 4S to $99, iPhone 4 Goes Free on Contract

As part of today’s “It’s Almost Here” iPhone 5 keynote, Apple announced the all-new iPhone 5. Whenever a new iPhone is announced, older generations usually get a price cut and that is exactly what has happened again. The ‘old’ iPhone 4S gets a price slash to $99 for a 16GB model. The even older iPhone […]

Customers Can’t Sue Apple Over Cracked iPhone Displays, Says Court

Just the thought of cracking my iPhone’s display has me cringing. The display on my iPhone has only cracked once, courtesy of my cat pushing it off the table. Luckily the Apple Genius Bar fixed it free of charge, on the other hand though, some customers have had a more aggravating experience with Apple. In […]