Graphic Reveals How Much of An iPhone 4 is Made by Samsung

Apple and Samsung have quite the business relationship. Apple is Samsung’s biggest customer, yet both companies have extensive legal disputes with one another. The Economist took data from iSuppli to compile an image detailing all the parts made by Samsung and other suppliers. Here’s what’s Samsung is responsible for: It provides some of the phone’s […]

Apple Bypasses Samsung as TSMC Starts Trial Manufacturing of A6 Processors

In a report tonight by Reuters, Taiwan-based TSMC has started trial manufacturing of the next generation A6 processors, adding fuel to reports from two weeks ago that Samsung could be losing its biggest customer. TMSC has experience with ARM architecture, making them a suitable candidate to help build on Apple’s existing A5 chip technology. The […]

Samsung Drops Countersuit; Apple Files Motion for Preliminary Injunction

The saga continues with Apple and Samsung. The South Korean company filed a trade complaint recently to block iPhone imports based on allegations Apple infringed on their patents. The latest update is Samsung has decided to drop their countersuit, and filed a voluntary dismissal. This action is believed to enable Samsung to concentrate on the […]

Samsung Files Trade Complaint to Block All iPhone Imports

It appears the Apple versus Samsung legal dispute is elevating to another level. Previously, Apple sued the South Korean conglomerate alleging they were copying designs of the iPhone and iPad with their Galaxy line up of touch devices. Samsung has also demanded to see Apple’s unreleased iPhone 5 and iPad 3 prototypes. Recently, reports surfaced […]

Clarification on Apple’s Latest Patent Granted on iPhone Behaviours

Earlier today Patently Apple published reports of the latest patent granted to Apple. This patent covered the extensive behaviours of the iPhone, therefore resulting in possible trouble for its competitors, such as Google’s Android OS. But does it really cover all extensions of the iPhone, or just the multitouch aspect? Nilay Patel from This is […]

Samsung Says to Apple: We Demand to See Your Private Parts

…from the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, of course. What else were you thinking? 😉 Apple sued Samsung earlier over their Galaxy line of tablets and phones, claiming it copied the iPhone and iPad. As the lawsuit went on, Samsung was forced to hand over their future prototypes to Apple lawyers for inspection. Now, Samsung […]