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How Amazon is Beating Supply Chain Turmoil: Containers, Ships, Planes [VIDEO]

Amazon is using a combination of its own containers, chartered ships and long-haul planes, and meticulous planning to overcome the supply chain issues that have been plaguing retailers ever since COVID-19 hit and have only gotten worse this holiday season — reports CNBC. Safety regulations and the holiday rush have left massive 14,000-container ships waiting...

Apple’s Share Price Drops Amid Holiday Sales Forecasts

Apple’s shares went down nearly four percent on Wednesday due to the company’s smaller-than-expected margin forecast. This drop in share prices raises certain concerns regarding the company’s ability to take advantage of the demand for its larger screen iPhones that typically bring in more money. While the average analyst’s estimate of around 38.8 percent profit […]

Faulty Components May Cause iPhone 7 Supply Shortage: Nikkei

The iPhone 7 has yet to be announced, but the first report of supply shortage has already surfaced. Due to problems with faulty components, Apple will likely face issues during the first round rollout, according to a source speaking with the Japanese news outlet Nikkei. "If Apple sticks to its launch schedule from last year,...