List of Sources for Installer (AppTapp)


If you have your iPhone jailbreaked and unlocked, you should have Installer on your iPhone. Now, if you want to get the latest applications, you must ensure that your list of sources are working and that they can be trusted. Here is a list of sources for Installer that you can cross reference with your iPhone. How to add “sources” to Installer?

Step One: Open Installer. Click on Sources. Click Edit. Add one of the following URLs below. That’s it!

Original Secure
AppTapp Official: repository.apptapp.com
Conceited Software: conceitedsoftware.com/iphone
Ste Packaging: psmxy.org/iphone-apps

Original Three
HighTymes: hightymes.org/iphone/plist/index.xml
iSwitcher: web.mac.com/iswitcher2/list.xml
Loring Studios: loringstudios.com/iPhone-schnapps/index.xml
All of the Others
AlohaSoft 1.0.2: homepage.mac.com/reinholdpenner/102.xml
AlohaSoft 1.1.1: homepage.mac.com/reinholdpenner/111.xml
aXP: lostsoul.aeroxp.org/iphone/index.xml
Mateo: bblk.net/iphone (BeatPhone)
BigBoss: markmon.mine.nu:90/iphone/repo/repo.plist
Death to Design: iphone.deathtodesign.com
iApp-a-Day: iappaday.com/install
iBlackjack: iphonefanclub.com/native
ModMyiFone: modmyifone.com/installer.xml
MTL Repository: home.mike.tl/iphone
Shai’s Apps: ride4.org/shai.xml (Customize Addons)
Slezak’s Stuff: www.spencerslezak.com (nothing on it yet)
Studded: studded.net/installer/index.xml
Surge: iphonesurge.com/iphonesurge.xml
Swell: lyndellwiggins.com/Swell.xml

Arabic: apps.iphoneislam.com
Chinese: iphone.org.hk/repository.plist
Danish: iphone.vildmedmac.dk/install
FrenchIphone: rep.frenchiphone.com
German: sendowski.de/iphone
Greek: greek-iphone.com/grloc
Hebrew ?????: ihebrew.net
Norwegian – iFon: install.ifon.no
Polish – iPolish(1.1.2): wakoman.ovh.org/iphone
Português-Brasil(1.1.2): iphonemod.com.br/forum/repo/installer.xml
Russian iPhone ??-?????? russianiphone.ru/beta
Russian Tools (in English) russianiphone.ru/beta/en
Spanish Phyros iPhone-ES: iphone.frickr.es/index.xml
Swedish iFun.se: ifun.se/swe
Thai: pradt.net/iphone
Taiwanese: iphone4.tw/unlock
Turkish: niffob.com/triphone.xml
Vietnamese: iphone.billydragon.net

iUnlock: i.unlock.no

This list was generated by zx6racer from HowardForums and ModMyiFone.com–Thanks for the list guys!

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