Apple Watch Solo Loop Band Sizing Guide PDF Gets Improved Instructions

Apple has updated its Apple Watch Solo Loop band PDF sizing guide, with better instructions. Customers have been finding it difficult to get the perfect fit for Solo Loop watch bands, resulting in many having to send back entire watch and band units, instead of just returning the band.

According to the change spotted by 9to5Mac’s Michael Steeber, the Solo Loop PDF sizing tool now has the following improved instructions for steps two and three, offering more details.

Step 2 Old:

  • Cut and wrap the tool around your wrist, snug but not too tight.

Step 2 New:

  • Cut the tool. Then wrap it tightly around your wrist where you typically wear your watch. You can use tape to hold the wider part in place. Make sure the tool feels snug and doesn’t slide up or down.

Step 3 Old:

  • Note the number between the arrows—that’s your strap size.

Step 3 New:

  • Note the number the arrows point to — that’s your band size. If the arrows point to a line, choose the smaller of the two numbers closest to the line.

Notice the stark differences in specific instructions for these crucial steps, plus what to do if you’re in between sizes. The fact they didn’t think about this before has resulted in many people ordering Solo Loops that aren’t the perfect fit.

Below are new images in the sizing guide added by Apple as well. These illustrated instructions are similar to images used on paper sizing guides for Solo Loop found at Apple Stores:

Solo loop sizing guide PDF

Of course, if COVID-19 wasn’t around, Apple customers could just easily head to an Apple Store to try on bands. Instead, Apple Stores are using the same paper sizing tool for Solo Loop bands.

According to Daring Fireball, Apple Watch Sport Band holes “map exactly to the new Solo Loop sizes”. Check out the images below for 38mm and 40mm Apple Watch Sport Bands in M/L and S/M, placed on the sizing tool:

40mm sport band to solo loop

…and for 42mm and 44mm Apple Watch with M/L and S/M bands:

44mm sport band to solo loop

The bottom line, instructions for sizing Solo Loop should have been clearer in the beginning, to save both Apple employees and customers time from trying to get the perfect fit.