Apple Watch Series 5 Review Roundup: Always-On Display Gets Praise

Apple watch series 5 always on retina

Apple has lifted the embargo on press reviews for the newest Apple Watch Series 5, which comes with an always-on display and launches this Friday, September 20.

Here’s a roundup of these reviews units obtained from Apple to share early hands-on impressions:

With the launch of Apple Watch Series 5, Apple lowered the price of Series 3 models by up to 30% off, while also slashing the prices of bands by 40% off.

Apple Watch Series 5 starts at $529 in Canada, while new titanium and ceramic models start at $1,029 CAD. If you are waiting for a discount, wait a year for these to hit Apple Canada’s refurbished store to save a few bucks.

We’ll keep this list updated as more reviews are available. Refresh for updates.