3G Unrestrictor Review: VoIPover3G for the iPhone 3GS


There are certain apps on the iPhone that require a WiFi connection to work. Such apps include Skype, SlingPlayer, AOL Radio, YouTube (for high quality videos), and the App Store/iTunes (for downloads over 10MB). How does one get around this limitation?

Easy. You’ll have to jailbreak your iPhone and get access to 3rd party apps, such as VoIPover3G. This little hack enabled us to use Skype and SlingPlayer over 3G! However, with the new iPhone 3GS, VoIPover3G is not compatible. So that means for iPhone 3GS users, we were out of luck until the update was released.

Introducing 3G Unrestrictor: the iPhone 3GS Equivalent of VoIPover3G

Turns out the creator of VoIPover3G, crashx, was working on a new version called 3G Unrestrictor for the iPhone 3GS. However, this time the app would cost $2 via the Cydia Store. Since I use Skype over 3G frequently, I decided to take the $2 plunge (yes, I know, big spender!).

Buying an App Through the Cydia Store is Easy

There are two ways to pay: PayPal or Amazon Payments. Also, you login using Facebook Connect or Google which will save your purchase history should you format your iPhone. I logged in with my Facebook credentials and paid afterwards using PayPal. Total came to $2.25US.

photo 5photo 4

After that, I went back to the 3G Unrestrictor page in Cydia and installed the app. That was very easy!

Using 3G Unrestrictor is Dead Easy–Just Select Apps and Go

Using 3G Unrestrictor was equally as easy. Launch the app via your homescreen, click Edit, click the “+” signa and you’ll see a list of apps on your iPhone. Just select the ones you want to use over 3G and voila–you’re done! Take a look at my pictures below to see how simple it is to use this app.

photo 2photo

photo 3photo

photo 2photo 3

I tested a call using Skype over 3G and it worked perfectly. I did a search on YouTube for high quality videos and immediately I was blessed with WiFi quality videos over 3G! This little tweak is definitely worth the money if you’re tired of apps limiting you to WiFi and want an easy GUI. 3G Unrestrictor is available in Cydia, just use the search to find it.


  • luckyalan

    wait, so with this app, i can watch youtube in HD?
    In 3G, the quality is so horrible, but if you change it to Wifi, the quality becomes so much better.
    So what you are saying is, with this, any youtube video will be Wifi quality? or only the ones with HD?

  • Whoops, what I meant to say was you can watch WiFi quality over 3G. Not HD. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • johncpiercy

    Works great ,, Iphone 3GS with Skype over 3G … awesoooooooommeeee

  • tilk

    Bought and installed it and my you tube still comes in low quality

  • Anyone know if you still need to download Skype from the US itunes store using the no Credit Card hack? Or is there now an easier way to do this?

  • Skype isn't in the CDN App Store, so getting access to a US account is still necessary.

  • johncpiercy

    I just created a US Itunes Account with my Mobile Me address .. easy cheesy

  • Cheers, totally worth the $2 bucks or so!

  • Yeah he definitely put in the right pricepoint for this little app. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh heck ya.
    Would have been worth 2.00 month.
    May cancel my landline.

  • jonathan

    does this work on a regular iPhone 3G, or only the 3GS?

  • rxin

    as a matter of fact, the new voipover3g already works on 3GS. 3G Unrestrictor is a more feature complete version of voipover3g.

  • This will work for all iPhone models on 3.0 or higher.

  • Dusty

    Will have to give this a try.

  • rorypiper

    Installed this last night, and it works great. I really like that there is a GUI, to let let you add what ever apps you want to use over 3G. Definitely worth the $2.

  • Dusty

    Update: I just tried this little trick 3G Unrestrictor V1.1 with Youtube and 3G, works great! High Def videos now and not even using Wifi. Great job!
    GUI is very nice and such easy app to use ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nick_Abby

    i think this will be my first Cydia Purchase the Youtube Videos are HORRENDOUS over 3G!! i'll pay $2 for a better phone expirence and if it works with the app store to let me download anything i want from anywhere (like i can do when tethering WTF APPLE) its worth it..

    I just dont understand all the 3G limitations they impose directly on the phone anymore… I pay for 6 gig Data package and i get told “Sorry that app/podcast etc is over 10 megs you cant download it… yet plug my phone into my comptuer tether it and i can download it over 3G no questions asked cmon its time to remove all the stupid limitations and let the user decide how to manage his data.. Sure WARN him about the larger size but let me have the final say!

  • Justin

    Went to Cydia and found the 3G unrestricted software but I do not have the option to purchase like the other Cydia store software.

    Please help.

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  • drrenju

    I installed 3G unrestrictor. But while rebooting iphone crashed and went in to recovery mode. How to deal with it

  • dragonbone

    are you able to use this applicaiton if your phone is NOT jailbroken?

  • No.

  • Bobby

    OK I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly. But just a quick question – now that I have put Skype to go over 3G … when I am at home on wifi – and make calls through Skype – will it still connect on the 3G account (meaning using my data?)

    Does this mean I have to open unrestrictor each time and remove skype when I am at home… and then when I am on the road add it again?

    Or can I just leave it the way it is … and when I am at home it will automatically use the wifi and when I am not it will kick in the 3g hack?

  • Leave it the way it is. When you're outside of your home WiFi, that's
    when 3G Unrestrictor will kick in and allow you to use Skype over 3G
    (data). Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • terry

    im still getting the skype will not work over 3g network error what do i do

  • sam

    i am in canada and i am using fido sim card in my iphone 3gs, 313 baseband 5.12.1

    its locked to at&t can iuse skype over 3g after i jailbreak the phone? after buying 3g unrestricter

    from sam

  • sam

    i am in canada and i am using fido sim card in my iphone 3gs, 313 baseband 5.12.1

    its locked to at&t can iuse skype over 3g after i jailbreak the phone? after buying 3g unrestricter

    from sam

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