PayFirma iPhone Mobile Payment Credit Card Swiper Review [VIDEO]


PayFirma is a mobile payment solution for the iPhone and BlackBerry (Android coming soon) and recently their iOS app received a much-improved update compared to before. Headquartered in Vancouver, the company sent us their swiper for a quick hands on review.

The swiper is very small and portable, and comes in a plain cardboard box with some attachments. These clips help secure the swiper to the various iPhone models. I had to look carefully at small numbers on the underside of each clip to find the attachment for the iPhone 4/4S.

These clips are also made to fit on a naked iPhone, so if you have screen protectors on (such as my Wrapsol application) it won’t fit properly without damaging the film. But, I did notice the swiper itself would attach fairly securely once inserted into headphone jack, and allows for swivelling.

Check out the following video review of inserting the swiper, swiping with a credit card, and removing the unit:

Other payment solutions we’ve taken a look at include PAYD by Moneris and Intuit’s GoPayment, and Kudos Payments. It’s great to see lots of mobile payment choices for Canadians. Click here to sign up for Payfirma.


  • Mike Fradette

    I just left PayFirma because of their contracts and high fees. They charge $20/month for your VISA account and $20/month for your MasterCard account…plus transaction fees. I just cancelled and it cost me $300 (per the contract you sign (with very small writing at the bottom).

  • Guest

    Another other company that offer Credit card payment via cell phone.

  • Rob Shin

    Those are minimum fees, so you need to be doing a couple thousand a month to cover them. Its weird that you signed up for a merchant account and not use it?

  • Ex

    This is where companies like Kudos or Intuit are successful because they have no minimums and no monthly fees. Sign up and sit on it. Use it when you need it.

  • Fitz Sullivan

    I use Payfirma on ipad and for our website and have no  complaints. Their rates are amazing and they have everything you can ever need. Their customer service team is simply amazing, they are the most helpful bunch I’ve ever dealt with! Not only that, they are the few in Canada offering interchange pricing which is very transparent. Might want to read the fine print on the kudos or intuit terms and conditions 😉

  • Ex

    fine print says no monthly fees and all winning. 🙂

  • Payfirma

    Payfirma has updated pricing now with the standard transaction fees and a lowered minimum. Check out for more information.