Review: Pong Radiation Reduction Case for iPhone 3G/3GS


The first scientifically proven radiation reduction case for the iPhone 3G/3GS. With the amount that the iPhone takes over our lives, we all know that our precious device emits small amounts of radiation. With the Pong case, that radiation is no longer a concern.

Pong Radiation Reduction Case

The Pong Radiation case is the first scientifically proven radiation reduction case for the iPhone 3G/3GS. The embedded “Pong Module” protects you while still delivering a nice and form-fitting case.

Features 2.5/2.5

The Pong case provides two types of protection. First, the case protects your iPhone 3G/3GS by covering the back, sides, and corners with a thick silicone. Not only does the silicone material absorb shocks if dropped but the case will protect your device from any damage that could occur on a day-to-day basis.

The case provides cutouts for the silent switch, headphone jack, camera, dock connector, and speaker/mic. You also have access to the sleep/wake button and volume rocker even though both buttons are covered by the case. As just a case, the Pong works great because it feels nice to hold, it is easy to hold, and it is actually surprisingly stylish for a silicone.

The second form of protection the Pong provides is for your health! The Pong case has an embedded “Pong Gold PCB Module” that actually redirects the radiation emitted by your iPhone 3G/3GS away from your head/body.

Radiation is a form of energy that the iPhone antenna emits in order to send and receive signals to/from the wireless network. Due to the proximity of the iPhone to our heads/bodies, that radiation is being directed toward us. The Pong case redirects this radiation up along the case and away from you, where is dissipates and causes no harm.

The special silicone formula that makes up the Pong case actually guarantees that the iPhone maintains full signal strength and that battery life is not compromised. Pong’s internal tests have shown that battery life and signal strength increase when an iPhone is being used with the Pong case!

To see how the case works, check out the description from Pong below:

How it works

  • Antenna – the Source of Radiation
    Without Pong, your cell phone antenna emits radiation in all directions, both to the outside and toward your head.
  • Transfer of Energy
    The Pong technology module, optimally aligned with the phone’s internal antenna, attracts the radiative energy. The Pong Effect occurs as a pure energy transfer with no distortion due to the properties of the module material and microwave-tuned antenna design.
  • Chimney Effect
    The unique “ladder” configuration of the Pong module moves the signal and its hazardous radiation through the Pong case like a chimney, and away from the user.
  • Full Signal Strength
    The Pong module redirects cell phone radiation while maintaining full signal strength. You may find that your communication efficiency actually improves with the use of the Pong case.

Value 1.5/2.5

The first thing that comes to me is that the Pong case is way over priced for just a silicone iPhone case. But the Pong is not just another silicone iPhone case.

This is a case that combines the style, comfort, and protection that a silicone case provides with the health benefit of reducing the amount of radiation that your body absorbs as a result of using the iPhone 3G/3GS. This case could be classified as more of a medical device than an iPhone case.

While the price may be a tad high, the case is a premium product, but even with all things considered, does the iPhone really radiate that bad? In any case, iPhone 3G/3GS owners that are looking for an iPhone protection solution that also happens to reduce the health risks of radiation may not need to look much farther than the Pong case.

The Pong case is scored a 4 out of 5.

The Pong Case is available in two different colors from the the Pong online store for $59.95.


  • aguy1

    Are you kidding me? A *tad* high? $60 is wayy over priced for a product whose value is difficult if not impossible to measure quantitatively. This is why your guys' reviews are ridiculous. Nothing gets below 3.5/5 and most things are 4+.

    Stick to reporting iPhone news as it relates to Canada, that's what you're good at.

  • tazCorp

    So… When are you guys givin one away πŸ™‚ i would love to have one of these

    my mom will no longer say that sleeping with the iphone on is unhealthy.

    I want it on black btw.

  • Ender

    Are you serious? You guys didn't even measure anything to see if it actually does anything. My bet is that it does nothing. The “pong module” looks like those “signal boosters” that were all the rage before that absolutely do nothing. It's just something to look at to make you think it's doing something. You can't just accept free stuff and keep giving good reviews for everything. your reviews are so pointless and unethical. Especially when you start spewing the companies lies like it's fact. Where is the scientific data? You can't call something a scientific fact without backing it up.

  • The case is not that high priced. It is appropriate for a premium case.

    Also, for reference (just a few I quickly found):… (so poor, not even rated)

  • It just showed up.
    I'll get back to you on that.

    Maybe I'll just give you this one?

  • We only got one and it was in that lovely lime!

  • There is no spewing of any facts and lies. The scientific data need not come from us, it is the case maker who worries about that.

    Solution to your problem: Stop Reading

    Btw, it doesn't make much sense to always rate things low either. I posted a few links above I found quickly with lower ratings. I do not waste my time looking for crap products and crap apps. I try to find really good stuff and review those. Let's call it, reviewing the best products and giving scores to each of those which may show that something that was really good (in the market) was maybe not so good afterall.

    But once again, solution to your problem: Stop Reading

  • Ender

    Way to take some criticism by telling people not to read it if they don't like it. Instead, why not look into how you write your reviews.

    If a manufacturer is claiming something then you should look into it and comment on it in your article, not just repeat the claims as fact. If you had posted the link to the wired article in the first place then it shows that the claims can be backed by data and that's why you're giving it a good review. In this case, you just said that one of the benefits is the radiation reduction but you didn't even explain if it works or why you think it works. That's the biggest problem I had with this article. You just take everything the manufacturer says as fact and don't explain why you're giving it a good review without researching into it.

  • kilimats

    WOW, would love that, let me know

    My girlfriend will use your lime and ill find a way to get the black edition in Canada


  • Anonymous

    well it was proven, here you go buddy:

    Now, I would to know how X1Zero (the article author) got his case, the online store only ships to USA πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    well it was proven, here you go buddy:

    Now, I would to know how X1Zero (the article author) got his case, the online store only ships to USA πŸ™

  • The company did their own testing. We're passing on the facts. How can we test radiation ourselves? It's not like we're going to hold the iPhone to our heads and talk with/without the case, and see if there's development of a tumor or something!

    With cases like these you either need to trust the company's research or do your own. We don't have the funding to perform our own clinical study on the affects of iPhone radiation. πŸ˜‰

  • I like how you've got a critical
    eye for detail. Send me an email
    if you're interested in helping out with reviews.

  • It really isn't that high of a price compared to other cases in the

  • It just showed up!

    I'll look into cdn purchases and get back to you.

    Maybe you can have this one?


  • Fair enough.

    But the fact of the matter is, I like the case and our community found
    the supporting documents.

    For his contribution, he will be receiving the $60 case.

    So it's win-win all around. Well, for him and I anyway.


  • kilimats

    well let me know if you want to spare the review case to me πŸ™‚

    U have my email πŸ˜‰

    Let me know, thanks πŸ™‚

  • LOL!

  • Jack

    wow… atta way to respond to your readership.

  • Jack

    how do you test it? there are some very cheap apparatus out there that provides such measurement.

    i think your replies (iphoneincanada &X1Zero) have only shown how shallow this site really is and how narror-minded you are when it comes to taking criticisms.

  • Haha. I'm sorry but we wouldn't buy an apparatus just to test a
    silicone case. That's too funny.

    Thanks for your feedback. Would love to babe your expert opinion and
    analysis for our next Pong case review. Send us an email via the
    contact form and we'll see how well you can improve on our reviews, as
    it's clear we're not good enough for your industry-leading standards.
    Maybe stick to CNET (or any other blog of your choice) for your
    reviews instead? πŸ˜‰

  • Ender

    Are you telling me 5 years ago you had those “signal booster” stickers on all your phones because you couldn't test them so you just believed that they work?

  • Madscientist

    You're kidding me right? OK, now I know that everything this guy posts is bullsh**. Anybody with even a rudimentary understanding of physics can tell you that this is 60 bucks worth of magic beans. If anybody thinks this case can magically reduce radiation, please contact me about a bridge I have for sale.

  • I've never used those. Have you? This time we're talking about
    something that reduces cell radiation. If you want to learn more,
    contact Pong.

  • Why don't you buy the case and test it for us! πŸ˜‰

  • Shorty_dammit

    “Proven.” “Facts.” Heh. Ask a nuclear physicist (or someone at a local university with the same kind of knowledge) about the “radiation” that cell phones emit. Nothing about cell phone emissions is harmful to anyone's health, and anyone that thinks it is needs their head examined. It's not the kind of radiation that can do anything to your body's cells. Just yet another form of snake oil to sell to the moronic.

  • Jack

    ya, you're right.

    i'm done with this site and i'm pretty sure that your responses really show off your lvl of maturity.

    your reception to criticism is funny but also unfortunate. i think this one probably deserves a RFD off topic treatment.

  • That's really too bad, Jack. Hope you have fun voicing your 2 cents on
    blogs that don't meet your expectations.

    Sounds like you get a real kick out of proving your worthiness when
    things don't necessarily go your way.

    I'd love for you to take this to the RFD off topic forum. This might
    give you some more excitement and brighten your day. Enjoy your
    weekend. πŸ™‚

  • Jack

    “Sounds like you get a real kick out of proving your worthiness when
    things don't necessarily go your way.”

    I do. I just wanna share with RFDers that who silly you people are. Speaking of “Sounds like you get a real kick out of proving your worthiness when things don't necessarily go your way.”, doesn't it sound awfully familiar?

  • Sound awfully familiar? Explain.

    Let me clarify the facts:

    1. We review a case. We pass on the research about this case from the
    manufacturer because we don't have the capacity to test the SAR levels.

    2. You disagree with the way the review was written. You then begin to
    belittle us based on this review. Meanwhile, you cry and whine because
    the review wasn't up to your standards.

    3. You threaten to take this to the RFD Off Topic forums because that
    sounds like the only place where you're accepted in life–online.

    Dude, you can say whatever you want, spill your beans, that's fine.
    That's your right and we encourage it.

    But when you get all stubborn and feel like the site is a joke because
    you can't handle constructive criticism back, that tells me that
    you're nothing but a troll.

    Just cause you're not happy with your life doesn't mean you have to
    spread the negativity. If our content is not for you, don't read the
    blog. That's what a *normal* person would do. It's very simple. Either
    stop reading, or start your own site where you can blog to your
    heart's content.

    I appreciate your replies on the blog, because I enjoy a healthy
    debate like the rest of them. But when start calling the site a joke
    because of one review you don't agree with, you scare me because you
    remind me of YouTube commenters that should reside within mental
    instituitons. πŸ˜‰

  • scott987

    Just like nicotine isn't addictive right? You've got to be shitting me. Are you some industry slut? Anyone who DOESNT think cell phone RADIATION isn't harmful should have THEIR head examined.

    Oh wait. You're refering to the studies that show it's safe? You mean the ones done and edited by the same people that profit from cell phone sales? Give your head a shake child.

    Do some REAL research before you start running your mouth about shit you have no real comprehension about. You think it's safe because the government says it's safe? Again the same government that makes billions off wireless spectrum auctions? Look at the governments track record for protecting consumers, doesn't look very good does it?

    If you're actually interested to learn about some unbiased studies, do some research on the work of Dr. George Carlo. The guy who did a 22million dollar study on cell phone EMF funded by the industry, when his results showed harm and that the government was failing to protect the public he was subsequently fired and his study censored and unpublished.

    How about the multi billion dollar class action lawsuits happening all over the world?

    Next you're going to reply that I'm a conspiracy theorist and have a one sided option. Please. Do so. Because you've come to a battle of facts, unarmed.

  • Tromley

    Pity about all the back and forth here. For sure there could have been more on the companies purported science backing. I looked into this product prior to the review, and was pretty skeptical.

    This line from their site has made me give them the benefit of the doubt:
    Pong is certified by FCC-accredited test agencies to reduce cell phone radiation using the SAR analysis method.

    People that think $60 is too much have no idea about R&D or value proposition. It's not a simple mold, it took development and testing expenses to get to market.

    If it does do what it says, and we think about exposure over years and years of radiation exposure, it COULD be the best $30 extra you ever spent. Or it might not. It's an insurance policy.

    I'll be getting one for my wife and I as soon as they're in Canada. I was hoping when I saw the review that they were. : (

  • Dusty

    Interesting case and yes a little high priced in my opinion.

    @above comments.
    People, its just a blog. Don't post if you got nothing good to say, simple.

    Thanks as always for the reviews.

  • Shorty_dammit

    For the record, it's hilarious that you're so worked up over something you don't actually know anything about. Also for the record, go read evan_rooney's reply at the bottom in this recent entry:

    And now I'll go snicker some more at just how hilarious you are…

  • evan_rooney

    Wow there's a lot of discussion about this. As a masters student in nuclear physics I think I know a thing or two about radiation. The bottom line is that the radiation coming out of your cell phone is non-ionizing. Meaning that it doesn't have enough energy per quantum to ionize the atoms in your body; or in other words, it can't completely remove an electron from an atom in your body. Therefore non-ionizing radiation is not mutagenic, it can't change your cellular composition. This means that it's not harmful to you. You probably receive more radiation while standing in front of the bananas at the grocery store. Yes bananas (among almost everything else) are radioactive; in the bananas case, it contains an isotope of Na which is radioactive. There are some health risks from non-ionizing radiation (such as heating) but that only occurs at much higher energies.

    If someone would like to send me a case, I'll test it which some very expensive equipment and I'll provide some scientific facts.

  • Modern Technology always welcome

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  • PongResearch01 thumb Pong Case for iPhone 3G/3GS. Radiation in the movies and comic books may seem …

  • Joe

    Where has politeness gone in this word, sheesh. No need to be insulting. Cellphones emit heat, and there is evidence that this heat held next to a child’s developing brain for any length of time is potentially harmful. The neurologist I work for errs on the side of caution on this one.

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