Yet Another Gaudy iPhone Skin


So I’m new here, and I think I may just annoy some of you loyal readers on my first post but when I saw this this morning, I couldn’t help myself;

You know, at first I thought “Hey, this is kinda neat” and then I quickly came to my senses. Just like I did when I saw the R2D2 copycat and a million other skins and cases for this beloved device. My question is simple; why would you want to taint such a beautiful peice of technology? I know the most common answer to that question will be “to be unique”, and so forth but couldn’t you just do so in a less gaudy way?

Personally, I like to keep things simple. With the sleek and (dare I say) sexy design of the new iPhone 4, I want to show it off unaltered. I haven’t even received mine yet (waiting for my company ordered iPhone, damn delays) and I already got my pure, clear case because let’s face it, you still have to protect that glass-sandwiched, attenaegate-riddled iPhone 4. I couldn’t even bring myself to pick up a semi-transparent/patterned case like these from case-mate because even that takes away from the beauty of the phone.

That’s just me though and apparently I’m in the minority. When I went searching for a simple, pure clear gelli case the task was a tough one. They are out there, like the Ultra Clear NUDE from SwitchEAsy and the Zero 5 from Caze but you’d think they’d be more common, especially among the soon-to-expire Apple case program affiliates. Obviously, the demand isn’t there which makes me scratch my head.

How about you? Do you like to adorn your iPhone (or other tech devices) with flashy skins and/or cases?

[Etsy via MobileCrunch]

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  • I got this in the mail from apple:
    I completely agree with you on this! I completely hate cases.. but a glass phone? Anyways, I found the completely transparent ones cheapened the look of the phone so I opted for the above case. I’m completely satisfied with it! (It even came with a little bonus stand for hands free video)

  • Rustybarnacle

    I go nude. I’m considering upgrading to the iphone4 but I’ve never had a case for my 3G and so far only 1 tiny little scratch that I barely ever notice.

  • Anonymous

    im guessing the scratchis right under the iPhone logo in the back where the GB size it? and another one on the apple logo? the 3G is curved at the back and therefore whn u put it down only the widest part of the curvature gets scratched, the iPhone4 is totally flat and therefore when you put it down you risk your lens getting scratched.

  • Welcome Chris! 🙂

    I use the invisibleSHIELD with my iPhone 4. Right now it’s also in the Bumper.

  • JfromK

    Same, I use the InvisibleShield with my free black Apple Bumper.

    (sorry I can’t bring myself to capslocking ‘shield’ even though it is the correct name, it’s yelling! LOL)

  • A_secret_desire

    Yep. Annoyed.

    People just love to complain I think. Complained about the plastic back (3G/3GS), complain about the glass back (doesn’t scratch as easily as the plastic, looks better than the plastic, doesn’t crack for no reason, and if you drop any phone it may break). I wish people (especially ones that don’t even have one yet) would just quit saying antennagate. Had mine since launch and not one dropped call.

    If someone wants an ugly sticker, fine. If someone wants to wrap it in gross feeling plastic (invisible shield), fine. If someone wants to put ugly cases (nearly all cases) on a great design (don’t call it sexy…ewww. I at least do not find cell phones sexually attractive) like the iPhone 4, fine.

    End rant

  • JfromK

    Umm, hate to burst your bubble of rantage but. The design flaw that apple introduced by placing the antenna around the circumference of the phone is an issue. Not just silly Americans on crappy AT&T. I can’t use my iPhone 4 without the bumper, or I lose calls.

    Now, calling every controversy a ______gate is a little stupid (THANKS AMERICA!) but it is fact, the antennagate issue exists and it can’t be swept under the rug. Apple wouldn’t have given away cases for free if there was no issue; they were saving their asses from a class action.

  • JfromK

    I don’t know what I’m doing differently, but my comments aren’t situating themselves under the post I clicked “reply” too.

  • Omac

    I’m an otterbox guy through and through! I bought the defender for my 3GS and have the newest one now for my iPhone 4. These r great cases and one of the only options for the construction industry (I also looked at the ballistic hc). They r a bulky case but protect so well from the dust. Now when I take the case off to clean my phone it feels so tiny 😉 I love my otterbox and would choose no other case.

  • I have a white Speck Candyshell, no screen protector (yet, don’t know which kind is the best :/) and I get compliments every day on my phone. The case is thick, but people ask how I got the iPhone 4 in white :S It’s kind of funny actually. Best 40 dollars I have ever spent, and it’s really good protection too 🙂

  • Chris A.

    For the record, I wasn’t complaining about the iPhone, I was merely stating that I think novelty skins like the one pictured in the article are silly and take away from the beauty of the phone and it’s design. Even with it’s flaw (sorry for calling it attenaegate, I actually don’t care for the term but it’s just the most comment term for the overblown situation), I think it’s the best looking smartphone ever made and yes, that’s without even having owned one yet.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion though, and that includes people who think it’s cool to slap a skin on their iPhone to make it look like an NES controller or R2D2.

  • Raph Quirino

    I hope Griffin ends up making a Clarifi case for the iPhone 4. It’s what I use on my 3G, and it’s incredible how clear the pics are with the macro lens. I use it every day. I know the newer models have better cameras, but I’m sure there is still room for improvement with respect to up close and personal pics (fine print, I’m looking at you!)

  • iamlynda

    Thanks Chris!! I created a invisableShield skin for the back on mine but I like to have it encased in jelly (thank god for my jelly case – did you know they actually bounce when they fall to the cement?) and I have been searching for an ultra-clear case – I have one with circles and one with diamond shapes but they distort my skin.

  • iamlynda

    Ooops – just had look again and the clear cases are crystal cases not jelly. If anyone knows who sells clear jelly cases please let me know!!

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