Canadian App Store Price Increases Live, as 50% Off Productivity Sale Debuts


Yesterday we noted some top productivity apps simultaneously dropped in price by 50%, a sign an App Store promotion was coming.

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Sure enough, the 50% off ‘Get Productive’ promo has launched, offering the following apps for half-off (a similar promotion launched last year, and the year before). Below are the CAD prices showing 50% off—with updated exchange rate prices now in effect:

Mac App Store 50% Off Sales
Some of the must-have apps are 1Password for Mac at 50% off and Deliveries for iOS if you’re an online shopping junkie (but you already knew that). Let us know what you pick up! These sales should last for a week.


  • Mohammed Al Sarraf

    I bought deliveries for $2.79 yesterday

  • Nafizur

    why can’t you use the safari key chain instead of 1Password and paying $35?

    they do the same thing..

  • einsteinbqat

    Safari Keychain only works for Web passwords on Safari OSX/iOS. Period.Go outside that, and no luck.