Adult Swim Releases iOS App With Full Episodes


This week, the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has released a universal app for iDevices. Like other television-based apps, there are extra features in the app such as a schedule of shows, a clock, weather forecasts, and a calendar feature (the latter three being in the iPad version).

However the real bonus is that the app features full episodes of Adult Swim shows. Such shows include Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Brothers, and more.

If you want to check it out, the app is available in the USA App Store for free!

If you don’t already have a USA iTunes account (why don’t you?!), you can easily make one by clicking HERE.

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  • Daniel

    US App Store only!

  • Dr_Slurpee

    Yeah, why is this on iPhone in Canada when it’s a US only app?

  • yeah I figured that when I first saw the title. its a shame

  • James00

    Take this stupid article down…what good is it to you core readers?

  • Ex

    Cause it’s real easy to make a US account

  • Andy

    Thanks for the article! Just downloaded and it’s amazing. Has family guy, American Dad, and King of the Hill.

  • Adrocks

    Your really stupid

  • Ex


  • gordunramsie

    Just downloaded this app, it’s great!

    For those that are crying about being “US only” (ie James00 and Daniel), how about you guys grow some friggin b@lls and create a US iTunes account? It’s dead easy, stop being LAZY PIGS!

    WAKE UP!

  • just downloaded it using us appstore account. thanks iphoneincanada!

  • Cheers glad we were helpful! 🙂