Air Miles for iOS Regains ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ Support


If you’re an avid Air Miles collector, the iOS app has been updated to bring a new refreshed Wallet card, plus some other updates. A previous update removed the ability to add your card to Wallet, but now it’s back.

Upon signing into the app with your collector number, it’ll preview what’s new in the app, such as the ability to add a new redesigned card to Wallet.

Here is the old card in Apple’s Wallet app:

IMG 5240

…and here’s the updated card. The UPC code is now against a white background, while font sizes appear to be larger and bolder.

IMG 5241

There’s also a new shortcut to get your card—just rotate your iPhone to landscape mode when the app is open. Users have been asking for this feature since 2010 in iTunes reviews.

The company says they will also let you know via push notification when you have enough Miles to use at a cash partner.

As for transaction history, it can now be viewed for up to six months, while Reward Categories now go to the Air Miles website to let you shop for rewards.

Click here to download Air Miles for iOS in the App Store.


  • Lapsusone

    With iOS 11, barcodes such as the old one don’t trigger the luminosity to the maximum level anymore when you display the card.

  • shinratdr

    In addition to bringing it back, they finally made it a real card instead of an event ticket too!

    Not to mention it now includes your status (Blue/Gold/Onyx). The only thing it’s missing is the number of points like other cards have, but it’s still a great improvement.

  • bbousquet

    Still no barcode on the Apple Watch wallet though – just a useless card.

  • Jason

    I was one of the thousands to boycott them during their “expired points” ordeal. After watching market place and the attitude of the owner of the company i shredded my card and washed my hands of them.

  • Cornfed710

    Great points