Android’s Cool Face Unlock Mechanism Ported To iOS [VIDEO]

Android 4.0 devices such as Galaxy Nexus feature a cool Face Unlock mechanism allowing users to unlock their phones simply through face capture. But now, the same Face Unlock technology has been ported to iOS, thanks to an app created by Romanian developer Webcode, as reported by Engadget (via However, this currently only works for unlocking FaceUnlock app which is similar to apps that password-protect private content on the device and does not replace the ‘slide to unlock’ mechanism to unlock the iOS device itself.

As detailed by Engadget:

We’ve spotted this video of an app being built (from scratch) for iOS that duplicates the FaceUnlock technology we know and love on Android 4.0. Simply stick your face in view of the camera and it’ll start identifying your fizzog — with live detection and rejection all demoed in the clip we’ve got. From the video, it’s promised to make a trip to the App Store soon.

Check out this cool video demo of FaceUnlock for iOS:

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  • Anonymous

    I admit it is pretty cool, however the simplicity of “slide to unlock” truly is more favoured over this faceunlock feature for that reason; not having to wait 5 seconds to unlock my phone to reply to a text, and maybe even longer if there is a slight error in reading. It is a cool feature, but unlocking the phone should be kept as simple as possible.

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention many Andriod users are complaining that you can unlock the phone with a picture of the owner!

  • Anonymous

    .. Taken with another smart phone….

    I saw a demo where the guy was standing there, took a photo turned the screen around and waved it in front of the Android to unlock…

    Security at its best.

  • Unknown

    how am i going to do this while driving hahaha

  • Anonymous

    It’s a cool feature, but wasn’t this exactly what RecognizeMe from cydia did like a year ago? Also I agree that unlocking should be as simple as possible, slide to unlock is about as slow as I want it. Even the androidlock with the 9 dots is waaay too slow

  • Alex

    This can’t lock or unlock your phone. It can only be an app that runs on its own and not interfere with normal iOS features such as unlocking. The way around the facial recognition is pressing the home button, and this can’t use your face or pattern to unlock. Now, if this were a Cydia app, then it could.