App Updates: Facebook Gets ‘Share’ Button; Twitter Improves ‘Discovery’ and Search Capabilities


Yesterday Facebook updated its mobile site with a much requested ‘share’ button, and now that feature has reached its iOS app today. Other new features in the latest 5.2 update includes the ability to tag friends anywhere (finally), use emoji icons and more:

What’s New in Version 5.2
Now you can share the best stories from your news feed with just one tap.
• New Share link to re-post stories from your news feed
• Tag your friends in any post, comment or photo
• Smileys, hearts and other emoji in messages
• To sort your feed, tap the button next to News Feed in the left sidebar

facebook update

Twitter also announced an update to their iOS app, to allow users to better discover popular tweets and more:

See what’s popular within your network on Discover.
– Tweets, tailored just for you, now appear right in the stream
– These Tweets show photo, video, and article previews so you can engage easily

Get a new perspective when you search.
– A stream of relevant photos appears at the top of your search results
– Results also show media previews for your viewing pleasure

Manage your account with ease.
– If you’ve forgotten your password, now you can reset it in a few simple steps
– If you’ve chosen to protect your Tweets, you can manage your follow requests from your iPhone or iPad

The ‘Discover’ tab is now interesting to look at as the photo, video and article previews make the stream more engaging than it was before. That’s if you use the official Twitter app as your main client of course. 

Click here to download Twitter.


  • alamarco

    1) This Facebook update was much needed and it delivered. Already used the Share feature a few times and it feels so good not to have to run to my PC in order to share something.

    2) The Discover feature in the new Twitter app looks okay, but still pales in comparison to Tweetbot. The way Twitter wants us to use Twitter isn’t how I personally use Twitter so the official app isn’t all that useful.

  • Stephan

    Share button only appears for pages/brands/etc… Not for my friends’ statuses or pictures (which is what I actually want to share). Why would they only allow sharing of corporate pages? Weak.

  • Are you sure? I can share a friend’s link or pictures.

  • Stephan

    I messed around with it more, and sometimes the share button shows up. But sometimes it doesn’t. With the desktop version you can Share anything that appears in your feed, doesn’t appear to be the case with the app unfortunately.