Atebits’ Letterpress Made Even Better with New Update


There is no question that some of the most addictive and fun-to-play iPhone games are word games, and Letterpress is no exception. This is why it was quite exciting to find out that the developer has just released an update.

The same great world-building structure exists with the 5×5 board, but now you can easily initiate a rematch (if you have iOS 6), silence the sounds (though the playful developer notes that they worked really hard on them but, “No, no, go ahead, turn off the sounds if you want.”) though you may change your mind when you find out that the tiles are now “tappier”.

A few features that weren’t working well were improved, like a better dictionary. They also fixed a few bugs like syncing deleted games across all of your devices and the previously broken ability to “Tell a Friend” via Facebook.

You can download Letterpress for free from the App Store. If you love it as much as we think you will, a one-time $0.99 in-app purchase gives you the ability to play multiple games at once, see played words while enjoying additional unlocked themes.


  • I loved reading the release notes on this one. Really funny.

    However, after updating, does anyone else get buggy badge numbers on the app? It keeps showing a 2, but when I go in to play the two games, there’s only one game waiting for me.