BBC iPlayer Arrives on the iPhone and iPod Touch with Free Content


Only a week after launching the iPad exclusive BBC iPlayer in Canada for the monthly subscription price of $8.99 CDN (or $84.99 annually), the BBC is rolling out the next phase for bringing UK content to all iOS devices. Today, the iPhone and iPod Touch version of the iPlayer are available for download, bringing that same great content to handhelds.

Currently, the BBC iPlayer app is offering some great free content every day until December 25th, including an episode of Walking with Dinosaurs, along with a few Christmas specials from various shows.

The BBC iPlayer app works over 3G and WiFi, and brings AirPlay capability for streaming to your Apple TV (2nd generation).

A subscription to the app will be accessible across all of your iOS devices. We posted a review of the app earlier this week; read it here.

Grab the app and let us know if you decide to subscribe.


  • locuturus

    its tempting~ its much better than using a VPN via hideipvpn to do it~ its been terrible lately (speed so bad can’t even watch a show streamed) =(  I might try a month, and see what shows up!

  • 4S Lover

    Too bad this version does not support Airplay, while other versions of BBC iPlayer do.

  • Guest

    I thought Airplay is supported, but only if you subscribe.