Buy iTunes Cards For 20% Off At Safeway


Last week Safeway, a Canadian Grocery Chain located in Western Canada, discounted iTunes cards by 25%. If you bought $60 worth of gift cards you would get $15 off the purchase. Today is the last day to take advantage of that offer, but for those who can’t make it to a local Safeway today, no worries, a new deal starts tomorrow.

As part of Safeways’s Christmas Gift Ideas promotion, if you spend $100 on iTunes cards you’ll save $20. The offer is good at any Safeway in Canada. To take advantage of the deal you will need a coupon; it can be found here. They prompt you to print the coupon, although the Manager of a Safeway in Calgary indicated that an image of the coupon on an iPhone would be valid. A screenshot of the coupon is present below.

The offer starts on December 9th and expires on the 15th.

Some restrictions apply: There’s a limit of one per household and you have to have a Safeway Club Card (membership is free).


  • CK

    Not a bad deal, but London Drugs has $25 for $20 starting Friday (same % off, but no need to spend $100 in one go.)

  • Jbohn

    Since when is Safeway a Canadian grocery chain? It’s a U.S.-based chain with stores in Canada (western mostly), headquarters in California.

  • Rickyscv

    I cleaned out every pack of the 25% ones in my local Safeway. At first they said they were out, and they were on their main display. But then one of the cashiers said she had two packs at her till and one of the floor clerks helped me go through all the tills. Then I asked if there was any other place there could be more and I was directed to another display by customer service. On the back side I found the rest. Ended up with 16 packs-good for Christmas presents and getting some software at 25% off. Great deal!

  • Steve

    The headquarters for Canada Safeway Limited is located in Calgary, AB

  • Kevlin123

    Safeway is definitely not a Canadian grocery chain.  Save-on-Foods is a Canadian grocery chain located in western Canada.

  • Sikerun

    25$ iTunes card are 20$ at Walmart this week. Much easier and I think its Canada-wide.

  • Anonymous

    think it actually started in the UK

  • Safeway has stores in the United States, Canada, and other countries as well.