Camera+ Updated with Front Flash, Horizon Level, Live Exposure, iPhone 5 Shot Framing


Tap tap tap has announced a significant update to Camera+ (known internally as Operation ÜberCam), our favourite camera app. Version 3.6 brings new features such as front flash, horizon level, live exposure, accurate iPhone 5 framing and other under the hood improvements and bug fixes.

The front flash feature allows you to take a picture of yourself in the dark, which is cool if you’re into that sorta thing:


The horizon level is perfect for those looking to line up those crooked shots:

Using level to correct crooked shots

Live exposure allows photographers to see images details such as f-stop, ISO and shutter speed as they setup their shots:


Also, for iPhone 5 users Live Exposure now brings 100% accurate shot framing since there’s no longer any viewfinder cropping. So far, this seems like a pretty awesome update. Kudos to Tap tap tap for maintaining the momentum of Camera+ as one of the best camera iOS apps.

Click here to download Camera+ for $0.99. You won’t regret it.


  • wuju

    can’t seem to find where is the front flash treatment or the live exposure info. Found the horizontal leveling under setting.

  • just take a picture in the dark with the front camera on?

    Gary Ng

  • MrXax

    When the forward-facing camera is active, there’s an icon in the top-left (portrait mode) allowing you to turn flash on or off. Live Exposure is off by default; turn it on via the menu.