CinemaNow Disc-to-Digital Service Launches in Canada, Stream Movies on iOS


Best Buy’s digital movie and television service, CinemaNow has announced the launch of its Disc-to-digital service, which it claims is the first in Canada. Essentially you get to convert your DVD movies to a digital format, then stream your library from the CinemaNow Canada Player iOS app:

How Disc-to-digital on CinemaNow works
Customers register for a free account on and simultaneously create a free Ultraviolet account. Customers then download the free Disc-to-digital software that recognizes an eligible DVD movie and converts it to a digital format.

The movie is then ready for viewing through CinemaNow which is available on more than 1,000 devices, spanning smart TVs, computers, gaming consoles, tablets and smartphones.

Nearly 4,000 DVD titles from Fox, Warner, Sony, Universal and Paramount are eligible for Disc-to-digital conversion. The cost for each conversion is $2 for standard-definition and $5 for high-definition. The digital movie can be streamed or downloaded.

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Close to 4,000 DVD movies from Fox, Warner, Sony, Universal and Paramount are eligible, with standard definition conversions set to cost $2, and high def at $5 each. Of course, there are third party software alternatives out there to enable users to backup their DVDs and also convert them to iOS-compatible formats, but this method looks to get major movie studios involved.

Are you interested in the CinemaNow service?


  • Al

    $5 for HD is steep. I convert my own. Better to watch when no WiFi and saves on data.

  • Chrome262

    So, if its not in their collection? I guess thats what they mean by eligible? Does it really convert, because all it really would have to do is see if they have it in the library then offer it to you, you shouldn’t have to use your bandwidth to upload your movie, its like paying for the digital version twice.

  • Chrome262

    yeah, or pay for a yearly subscription like music match but for movies. Still have to pay for the bandwidth though. That way you could get rid of you hard copies and save on space. This really doesn’t seem all that good.

  • Yeah it’s not exactly cheap. Seems to be targeting the newbie crowd.

  • That’s a lot of money to pay for alternative access to content I already own. Greedy movie studios. Always trying to figure out how to get more money from us.

  • Joker Eh

    How does this
    make sense. I go an buy an HD movie and I still have to go and pay for the
    digital HD copy? Worthless. You know if they offered a true digital copy with
    the blu-ray package I would maybe just maybe start buying discs again. But
    since they stopped doing that I stopped buying them and I think many people
    have as well. I am not going to go through my 1000 DVD titles to pay $5 each
    plus bandwidth for a less than true HD digital copy. The HD copy will be so
    compressed it should be labeled a scam.