Cineplex Mobile for iOS Update: Get Showtimes by Scanning a Movie Poster


Cineplex Mobile has updated their iOS app with the ability to send you coupons and special offers via Push Notifications, see what’s playing with a new home screen button, but best of all, get showtimes by scanning a movie poster thanks to their built-in augmented reality scanner.

What’s New in Version 4.1
– Receive Cineplex Coupons and Special Offers with Push Notifications
– View Movies Playing Near You with the New Home Screen Button
– Scan Movie Posters Using the Built-In Augmented Reality Scanner to View Showtimes

The scanner actually works fairly well, considering I just tested it by scanning a poster on my computer monitor. Pretty much right away showtimes appeared for the movie at what the app detected as theatres nearby (below right):

Photo 2 Photo 1

If you want to get interactive with getting your movie showtimes, this is definitely a cool feature to show off to your friends, aside from Passbook ticket notifications which were added a year ago.

Click here to download Cineplex Mobile—it’s free.


  • Jay

    Hate how the main utility of this app “buying tickets” is so tedious. Every time i use it i have to re-enter my email address twice and my full name…. even though i have an account… The app completely misses the point

  • interchange42

    Agreed, this is a very poorly implemented app. It never brings up the specialized keyboards, for example when requiring numbers only in a field, but yes, the worst is filling in the email address twice. Ridiculous! I’ve sent an extensive list of its shortcomings to Cineplex customer service, and have gotten zero response. I’d urge anyone who hates the ticket buying experience to contact Cineplex to complain.