EA: Real Racing 3 the No. 1 App in 90 Countries, 350M Races Completed to Date


EA has announced some impressive stats for Real Racing 3, its latest racing game based on a controversial freemium business model (read our review here). In less than one week, the successor surpassed the combined downloads of Real Racing and Real Racing 2, and is currently the number one free app in 90 countries worldwide.

It’s clear people can’t stop playing the game as 25 million races are completed daily, with 350 million races completed to date. Users spend 25 minutes per day racing and overall 14 million hours have been played since its launch.

With console-quality graphics in the palm of our hands, I can attest Real Racing 3 is a pretty awesome game. Waiting for repairs can be a pain, but once you attain multiple cars, it’s no longer a big issue. What do you think of Real Racing 3 so far?


  • Arcanum

    It is an excellent game – even better when you consider the platform it is on. I don’t have an issue with “free” games that charge in game for extras per se, but the wait times with this game are exceedingly slow. I don’t want to have to pay what would amount to hundreds of dollars in order to be able to play it like a similar game on the PS3 for example.

    They need to make a version that you can pay a set fee for and not be expected to wait so stupidly long before being able to play. One race lasts 2 minutes and then you can wait up to 20+ minutes for your car to be ready. Not such a big deal later on for sure, but at the beginning it is almost a game killer.

  • JBLX

    True, at the start there is some wait times. But, once you buy a few cars it’s clear sailing all the way. I’m not playing a lot and I already have 4 cars. My wait time is zero because I just switch cars while one repairs. Also I bought cars for different packs. This way it feels fresh for every race. I’m now just saving my in game money to buy a higher end car on sale. Everyone has there own style and way of playing this game. It’s a great game and you can’t beat the quality for something free. You can get your racing fix quickly ( races are quick). If I had to ask for one thing. It would be nice to have replay.