Facebook Releases All New iPhone App Update Built for Speed


We’ve heard all about the reports before, and now it has become a reality–the latest redesigned Facebook iPhone/iPad update is now available in the App Store.

What’s New in Version 5.0

We’ve rebuilt the app so it’s faster and easier to use.
* Scrolling through news feed is faster than ever
* New banner lets you tap to quickly see more stories – no need to refresh
* Photos open fast and close with one downward swipe
* Instant access to your notifications

I just installed the update and so far it looks and feels great. The ‘Status’, ‘Photo’ and ‘Check In’ bar along the top has been redesigned slightly. When you look at photos, you can just swipe to the left to see more. Swiping downward to exit a photo view is pretty awesome. When new updates appear, you will be notified at the top.

Back in June, we heard about a ‘blazing fast’ update coming, being developed by ex-Apple employees. Later in July, we heard more about this update which would be natively built with Objective-C.

You can download the newest version of Facebook here, or check for the update in the App Store.

Update: Facebook shares a bit about the latest iOS update:

The best Facebook experience, in your pocket

Building on native iOS gives us a major opportunity to keep making the app faster, more reliable and feature-rich. Whether you have 30 seconds or an entire train ride to use Facebook we want you to have a fast and satisfying experience. We truly believe mobile is the best platform for Facebook, and the new Facebook for iOS is just one of our steps to ensure you have best Facebook experience anytime, anywhere.


  • I’m lovin’ it 🙂

  • Yeah it’s pretty awesome so far! More productivity wasted on FB now. :/

  • Thank heavens, the app is now usable! I love it!

  • Interesting that they release a major overhaul like this and yet they still haven’t figured out how to monetize the app, other than occasional sponsored page promotions in my feed.

    I like the new app. Seems MUCH snappier. I think it can largely be attributed to loading only new content as it becomes available as opposed to refreshing the entire page. The new photos browsing is really slick as well, again, not reloading images appears to make it much faster.

    Nice work Facebook team!

  • I love the new photo browsing feature, very slick. As for monetizing…seems like they are sticking to the web interface for that for now. The mobile app just keeps us glued like crack addicts on the go. Sad but true.

  • Yep, so much faster now!

  • Yes, but that’s where they’re slowly losing money. The more people browse Facebook on their mobile the less they browse it in their browser. It’s been mentioned a few times that it’s an issue they’re well aware of.

    That being said, I just saw a “sponsored post” in my feed, and I don’t recall seeing anything like that before, so perhaps they have found a way to sneak some ads in disguised as status updates (it looked the same as a status update).

    Although I’ll gladly take a few extra sponsored posts for the app to be this lightning quick. Compared to the previous version it’s really something. I love the way the new posts just load into the top and don’t interrupt anything. So slick!

  • I agree mobile is definitely the way to go and FB usage is exploding. I have seen some sponsored stuff for app installs or whatever, but not a lot.
    Those notifications are awesome. They appear out of nowhere!