Facebook Update Brings Find Your Friends Feature


As if there weren’t enough ways to share your location with friends (think Foursquare, Facebook Check Ins, Google Latitude), it’s now even easier with the new Facebook feature Find Your Friends, that unleashed today via an update.

What’s New in Version 3.4.1
– Find your Friends on Facebook using your phone
– Add your phone to your profile
– Bug fixes

On top of necessary various bug fixes, there’s also the ability to add your phone number to you profile. After the update, a pop up prompt will ask you to enter in your phone number.

Have fun stalking your friends! Click here to download Facebook.


  • Fragilityg4

    Let’s all let the dishonest people on our “friends” list know when we’re not home …. Hmmmm

  • There’s only one way to hide–smash our iPhones!

  • Sparky

    It keeps saying “Connection refused” and cancel or retry when I attempt to update. I’ve never had this occur before.

  • Spencer

    I get the same

  • Wynncymanalad

    Mine has a blank icon with waiting status when i tried to update. I think itunes store is down? Or is it?

  • Vazandrew

    Me too. I thought it was just me..good to know others are experiencing this. Haven’t updated to 4.3.2 (which I am right now) but I don’t think that’s the issue.

  • Pwobrien

    Same here. Been trying for a few hours now