Future Shop, Best Buy iOS Apps Updated with iPhone 5 Screen Support


In the beginning of March, the Future Shop and Best Buy iPhone apps were updated with reserve and pick up options, plus it hinted iPhone 5 screen support was coming. That promise has been fulfilled as today both apps received updates to support the iPhone 5.

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Back in late January, Future Shop and Best Buy suddenly closed 15 stores nationwide (including all three Best Buys on Vancouver Island), without informing staff in advance, as they showed up to locked storefronts (they were given severance packages though). The move is part of the company’s ongoing plan to downsize its large big box stores, instead opting for smaller concept stores.

Download links: Future Shop, Best Buy

Thanks Nick!


  • iPad Version?

    iPad version would be nice

  • I second that, although the regular website does work just fine in Safari. I’d see a native iPad app to be more convenient than the site mostly for things like quick access to your wishlist and order info. For example Amazon’s app is great for those things, but unfortunately, it cuts a lot out of the actual listings, like user reviews (wish they would fix that).

  • Tim

    You’d think that a store that insinuates it’s on the cutting edge by using the word “future” in its name, would be quicker to have released an iphone 5 version of their app, much less an ipad version a few years back.