Get Instant Audio-Visual Traffic Updates In Vancouver With ‘Traffic Alert’ iOS App [Free Download]


GreenOwl Solutions Inc has just released a new iOS app called Traffic Alert which takes full advantage of TrafficAlert service, one of the best traffic reporting systems in Vancouver. The app is now live in the Canadian App Store and is free to download for iPhone and iPod touch. With Traffic Alert, you can get instant personal traffic updates by means of hands-free visual and audio alerts on your iOS device. The app only works inside the Metro Vancouver region and comes with pre-recorded community favourite routes.

Here is the official iTunes description:

You will join with thousands of users within this network to make the TrafficAlert service the best traffic reporting systems for Vancouver and beyond. The service relies on users like you to passively and actively tell other users the traffic conditions ahead. Whenever a user is stuck in traffic, that information is passed onto the entire user network. You can also report a traffic tip by touching a button to our toll-free traffic reporting centre.

Before you hit the road, launch the Vancouver Traffic Alert application and start recording your first trip. While you are recording your first trip, the system will already advise you of the traffic condition 5km ahead of you, with voice and visual alerts. The next time you travel on the same route, call up your recorded route from Traffic Alert. You will hear real-time traffic alert specific to your route instantly.


– Monitor traffic issues at all time along your recorded routes, as well as 5km ahead of your current street location
– Real-time voice alert on any unexpected traffic issues, with affected street segments and speed information.
– Visual map tracking your route with traffic flow information
– Community Favourites for commonly traveled routes, such as Richmond to Downtown, Coquitlam to Downtown, North Vancouver to Downtown, and more.


  • Flaxx

    Anything like this for Calgary?

  • Mark Bridges

    We’re working on Calgary next.  Stay tuned over the next couple of months.

  • virtual_rain

    I tried it this morning… recorded my route from North Vancouver to my office downtown.  I found the voice alerts to be too delayed to be of any value.  When I arrived at the office, I had to go back home and get my laptop so I had a chance to try it again, this time using my pre-recorded route, and  the voice alerts were still too delayed to be of any value.  For example, if I’m on a segment of road that’s only about 5 minutes long, the announcement for traffic conditions on that segment doesn’t come on until I’m almost finished that segment. You don’t need to tell me at the end of a road segment what the traffic situation is… I’ve already seen it!  How about letting people know BEFORE they get to that segment of their journey?  Also, it would be nice to have an option to only receive voice announcements when there is a problem.  It gets annoying when you follow a route consisting of several short road segments where it feels the need to inform you that each one has no traffic incidents.

  • thanks for your review!

  • Mark Bridges

    Thanks so much for trying the app and for the specific input. I’m sorry for the sub-par experience.  We’re definitely in the stage of working out some kinks, and this will really help.

    If you would be willing to email us at and let us know the email address you registered with (if you registered), we can better understand what happened on your route this morning and try to fix the issues.