Google Employees Suspect Apple May Reject Google Maps App For iOS


A new report by Guardian claims that Google employees that are working on the dedicated Google Maps app for iOS, are suspecting that Apple will not approve it in the App Store (via CNET). However, if Apple does reject the Google Maps app on grounds that it is by a competitor, approval of other maps apps currently available in the App Store may be questioned.

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With the introduction of iOS 6, Apple replaced Google’s Maps app for its own Maps application, followed by a removal of Google’s YouTube app as well. However, Apple did approve a standalone YouTube app in the App Store, something the company might not do for the Google Maps app, notes the source. According to the report, once the Google Maps app is ready later this year, it will be sent over to Apple for approval, potentially causing “a bloody battle over Apple’s balance between self-service and competition”.

“So, why does Google feel so doubtful of Apple’s willingness to approve its app? According to the Guardian, some sources point to a “Find maps for your iPhone” section of Apple’s App Store that lists several free and paid alternatives to Apple’s widely panned Maps application. None of the listed applications use Google’s Maps application programming interface (API) to deliver points-of-interest or routing data, leading one source to suspect that Apple doesn’t want to risk promoting Google’s services”.

Neither Apple nor Google have so far commented on the report. We’ll update you if the story develops further.


  • Shuttaman

    If they reject it, I’m downgrading my iPhone 4 back to ios5, and it will be the last iPhone I would have buyed. Apple know they screwed up on the map fiasco, they better accept that google maps app. APPLE’S APP IS TRASH REALLY ****** trash! Steve Jobs would never have allowed for this atrocity to come out in the first place unfinished and full of god damn bugs.
    Curse you Tim Cook!

  • “Apple replaced Google’s Maps app for its own Maps application, followed by a removal of Google’s YouTube app as well.”

    I think the apps that Apple replaced were not built by Google, they were simply using Google’s services but still built by Apple. The way this sentence is worded it sounds like Google built them. If Google had built the YouTube and Maps apps that were bundled with iOS, why would the new YouTube app be so different and why would it be taking Google so long to come up with a standalone maps app?

  • Apple’s new map app couldn’t find my friend’s new place…but goggle could. I would be very disappointed in Apple if it doesn’t allow fair competition of technologies through its products.

  • gerry

    It directed me 5 houses down from my friend’s place the first time I tried it out. I knew where he lived but I wanted to see if it really worked.

  • I think you’re exaggerating here a bit. Apple Maps isn’t THAT bad, in some cases it’s better than Google Maps. Also it has turn-by-turn directions which in general are pretty accurate. Google Maps doesn’t have that. Apple Maps will continue to get better with time. Also, you can still continue to use Google’s maps in Safari via So with Apple Maps plus the website, you get the best of both worlds. (i.e. Google Maps but also turn-by-turn directions.) So, i’d chill out a little on the Apple Maps thing!

  • Apple_Sauce

    I completely agree with Shuttaman, the Apple Map app is crap, I would be amazed if the engineers working on it were ok with it’s release. Most likely some management tard ignored their advice and went ahead with it.
    If Apple does not approve the Google App it will definitely be the last Apple Product I own.
    I am pretty sure I read this quote from Apple somewhere :

    “We have found that competing with innovation is hard,we have decided it is much easier to buy the competition or put them out of business with legal means”

    The bottom line is that public companies put their shareholders above customers. If you want to truly be put first, then find a privately run company. A public company eventually loses it’s identity as to how it became successful in the first place. Unfortunately that is an inevitability with any U.S. publlc company run by accountants and lawyers.
    It is sad to see a company like Apple sink so low and appear so desperate so quickly. I personally believe they stumbled on to some great products, but have no idea how to move forward.

  • Your argument about public vs private companies is kinda ridiculous. Do you really think ANY cell phone manufacturing company (Samsung, Nokia, etc.?) are any better? They’re ALL public companies! And yes of course, EVERY company puts profits first and foremost! Welcome to the world of capitalism!

  • Also I’ll say it again, people are making WAY too big a deal about Apple Maps. Long story short: iOS6 + Apple Maps is still MORE than you had in iOS5. You now have turn-by-turn directions which you did not have in iOS5. You still have Google Maps via There are also DOZENS of other travel/directions apps like Waze, TransitMap, etc.

  • You are correct. The apps were built by Apple. I bet you Google’s standalone Maps app will be crap, just like their other apps (Gmail? YouTube? Awful.)

  • anon

    Most people would rather have Google maps without turn-by-turn, than the ‘half-assed’ inaccurate Apple maps, with it. Sure Apple maps will get better over time, but people don’t want to wait months/years for that to happen.

  • Who are “most people”? Did you take a vote? The actual truth is that most people don’t care. It is only is tech geeks that debate about this. I’m fairly certain that most people don’t care either way!

  • anon

    I guess all the bad criticism surrounding Crapple Maps, leading to Tim Cooks firing of Forstall is all just a bunch of hogwash huh? Lets just sweep all of that crap under the rug, and pretend it never happened. lol

  • Tom

    They shouldn’t accept it. Puts pressure on apple to make their maps better.